SmartFluidPower deals with the simulation of hydraulic components and systems

Simulation permits the functional verification of the component or system and the optimization of its performances

Testing virtually different designs and combinations reduces the number of physical prototypes and experimental tests

The product realized by SmartFluidPower uses the modelling language Modelica

SmartFluidPower has built specific packages and tools for modeling hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems

The simulation is made simple and intuitive through the graphic interface of the library and the connection system of the elements

SmartFluidPower has a range of services in order to support the software

Custom interfaces are created to allow a practical and immediate use of the software at any level

Online courses, tutorials and customized additional packages are available to make the simulation intuitive and accessible


SmartFluidPower is born as spin-off of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

The company is made by a team of people with high specific experience in modeling and simulation in the Fluid Power field

The know-how and the skills of its members come from years of research within industrial world